Website migration could be a complex and stressful procedure but if it is completed accurately then nothing will affect your search engines organic rankings. This can be done in an easy shift by using our website migration services.

Many can underestimate the website migration and could easily forget about the effect on your organic inflow to your website. It is vital to have a clear plan to accurately implement your website migration correctly before taking any actions. Teams that think to leave this till last; find it difficult to retrieve back the traffic.

There are many reasons when you might need to migrate your website. For example, hosting company, new contact management, changing serves or domain names. These elements are considered as big changes to your website and need to certify for an easy transfer.

We always make sure before the website migration that there will be no harmful affect to your existing website ranking and traffic in search engines. 


We put our best team on work for this. Website migration with SEO target will lead to boosting your organic traffic. This will also improve your ranking in searches and as a result the business will be generating more income.

We have over 10 years of experience of website migration. With our clients being fully satisfied as there have been no loses in the search engines ranking. From big websites to small website; we have done them all. We have worked with large firms that have their turnover in millions along alongside medium and small firms. Whatever the size of the firm is out aim always stays the same of making sure there is no loss in search rankings.

The following procedures will ensure you to have no loss in your SEO ranking.


SEO should be considered in the initial stage before your website migration takes places as if you do not then later your website SEO will suffer and will take a long duration to recover it all. At the time of your change over will be too late to get back it back to your old ranking. The team migration holds a wide range of skills such as system managerial and developer skills. These skills help them understand the difficulties of scales and encourage them to take the correct decision for your website. If you do not plan before the migration it would cost, you a lot to retrieve back your old traffic back to your website. This may result in low website visibility across the web, low sales and reduced revenue coming in the company.

The Upgrowths sit and analyse your pre-migration website to set a strategy on how to move data and SEO across to the new interface. The team will take all websites elements into consideration before producing a final migration plan. Important aspects we look at is mapping of URL, content and deciding transmits.

The last stage of the pre-migration is evaluating the website and see how it is currently performing. This is a like map that we can use later once the migration is complete to see how well the migrated website is doing according to the old one.


While your website migration takes place, we will keep you updated of your website.

Once your website migration has been completed successful our technical team will carry out checks to ensure that there is not crawl or indexing issues. Following this they will look at your organic traffic alongside your search engine position to make sure there have been no loses in performance.

In exceedingly rare and extreme cases if there have been any issues then the expert technical team will draw up a plan and have this resolved within hours.

For any questions you may have about website migration services or would like the to migrate big E-commerce website to different domain, our team to perform this for you then please get in touch.