If you work with an eCommerce website, it is a medium with a lot of content, there is great competition in your sector or you have strong needs on the internet, we recommend our SEO consultant services

At SupermanSEO, we analyze the SEO starting point of the domain and plan the required semantic strategy, with sequences: core, transactions, product, brand, location, etc. 

According to convenience and without permanence, we plan the strategy according to the results marked with you. Every month we send monitoring reports of the investment made, establishing control KPIs on the criteria (ranking of keywords) to a position in Google, organic traffic or SEO sent and the conversions achieved (forms completed, calls received, sales made, etc.).


Personalized global semantic strategy, with initial improvement analysis with transactional sequences, product, geolocation, brand, etc.

– Google indexing guarantee

– Personalized strategic plan

– Google Webmaster Tools

– Geolocation actions

– High in search engines

– Global optimization with special effort in the areas of maximum interest

– Search engine optimized content

– Includes link building proportional to the SEO plan

– Quantitative and qualitative monthly reports

– Web analytics with Google Analytics, selecting the conversion events for your online strategy. For this we identify: calls, completed forms, sales, downloads, etc.

– Without permanence

What is SEO Consulting?

Before doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) work we have to stop to think and define an action strategy, this work is done by SEO consultancy services.

At SupermanSEO, through our SEO consulting service for search engine positioning, we analyze the technical and strategic aspects of a website.

A team of SEO analysts and consultants analyze in-depth the current state of the web, identifying the weaknesses it may have in order to enhance them and thus achieve proper SEO optimization.

We study semantic and commercial competition by analyzing their websites and the strategies they are carrying out.

We must be clear that not all keywords have the same number of searches. At SupermanSEO, we carry out a preliminary study of keywords or search terms, analyzing the volume of searches for each term. Later, we define the keywords to work and position.

At SupermanSEO, our SEO Consulting service is aimed at companies with a specific need for advice, diagnosis, and supervision.


Improve SERP and build trust:

It seems incredible, but an SEO optimized SERP gives the audience much more confidence. This happens since it is more likely that they will visit a page that has the keyword in the SERP and that also gives them the answer to the question they are asking.

If your page is not updated and optimized then Google will take the keyword it finds on the page without meaning, response, or call to action.


The competition at a virtual level as in “real life” is enough, so you must appear as a leader for the audience to take you into account, if you position yourself in the search engines with a specific keyword it is almost certain that your sales will increase.

You must evaluate yourself and evaluate the competition so that you legally appear in the first positions and win the market.

When a person specifically searches for a product or service, he will always make a comparison on the first brands that appear in Google,

Invest wisely:

You may decide to invest so that your page appears in the first place of the search engines, but you have to make an investment very wisely.

Let’s imagine that you need a car that takes you everywhere, we know that so that this car does not have problems you can buy a good used car or go to the dealer and buy a new car. 

It would never cross your mind to do it yourself, the assembly and adjustment would be impossible, very slow and the result would be all nonsense. 

The same happens when companies intend to leave the SEO strategy to a person who does not have the necessary knowledge to “transport” their website to no. 1 from Google.

Get in touch with us at SupermanSEO. We are here to help you establish reasonable strategies and above all to ensure a return on investment in the medium term.

Add dynamism with an SEO strategy:

Working with the user and search engines in mind adds a very dynamic touch to web pages since content needs to be updated, this dynamism gives an invaluable touch and the results are great.

If you still have doubts, carry out the free SEO analysis of your website and know where it is positioned, if you want to know a little more, come to SupermanSEO.


Following is our work methodology endorsed by experience.

– We collect all the information: We first analyze the work scenario: the business, sector and competitors, technical conditions, and current and potential digital assets.

– We diagnose the situation and establish the objectives: From this analysis, we diagnose the current situation, the opportunities for improvement, the objective of the project, and the indicators to evaluate the results.

– We design an improvement plan: We prioritize corrective measures based on the opportunity for improvement and its execution cost to compose a work schedule with control milestones and those responsible for the execution of each task.

– Supervision and support in execution: Throughout the entire process, we monitor the correct execution of our recommendations, offering support if necessary.

– Evaluation of results and adoption of additional corrective measures: We check the progress of the project according to the indicators and objectives set, introducing additional corrections if necessary.

– Accompaniment in a process of continuous improvement: Finally, we establish an optimal foundation for the project to continue to improve in the future.

At SupermanSEO, we work for companies at an international level where the SEO strategy is essential for generating business. We have worked for many of our most important clients for more than 5 years, demonstrating our ability to respond to the most demanding objectives.

SEO consultant will also make sure that a great web design & development with excellent content layout experience for customers who are visiting the website is pivotal part of a seo strategy.

We have effective procedures that have been used to solve problems related to search engine positioning. If none of your SEO consultancies adapt to your problem, you just have to contact us and we will design a tailor-made work plan to find the solution.