Small firms face various challenges when it comes to marketing against bigger and stronger firms in the market. When users search for product/services in search engines; it is important to come up at the top in your local area. This is where our local SEO services will help. Local SEO is vital when conveying local relevance of your web pages towards search engines.

Local SEO describes the procedure of optimising your online existence to draw in businesses from related local searches. These searches are used via search engines.

For smaller scale businesses local SEO is an important tool. This will optimise them in their region first to give a head start. Local SEO is a strategy that markets your businesses product/service to local customers first.

This marketing strategy is extremely important as this will give you the opportunity of ranking your business higher. In result what your business will gain is more phone calls and regular website visits.


  • 25% of business searches on Google are location defined. These are searches are mostly performed via mobile devices.
  • 76% of users that perform local searches results in calling the businesses.
  • 1 out of 5 web browsers are location-based queries related to the product/service they are looking for.
  • 86% of web browsers utilise search engines to look for local businesses.
  • We will also see if the website is hit by Google penalty and that will also affect the local SEO rankings.

The common element between local SEO and SEO is that both methods aim to draw in more traffic in your website.


  • Mobile users can locate businesses easily
  • Boosts your website ranking via search results
  • Increase the level of visitors on your website
  • Local SEO will certify your business and locate it on Google Maps. This will guide users onto other navigation apps.


Our expert team uses several tools to ensure that your business local presence is improved. Firstly, we will look upon other competitors and similar business that are in the area to see what SEO strategy they are using. This will help us to plan the local SEO strategy for your business.

We want to ensure that the correct keywords are used so when users search for your product/service in your area; your business appears at the top. If your business is located in more than one location, then targeted pages should be created for each location.

Google’s My Business page is a vital part for the local SEO. Having this tool will make sure that your business page shows in the correct searches. When users search for your business your contact information and link to your website will be displayed. On your business profile your existing customers also can leave reviews. These reviews will also boost visitors and persuade users to contact your business. Along with the review’s users will also be able to locate you on the map.

Additionally, we need to make sure that relevant websites in your area and local directories needs to display your location and URL. In result this is so the search engines recognise the link between both sources.

Search Engine Reviews

Search engine reviews that display on your business profile are especially important for two vital factors. The customer reviews will perform the true reflection of your business; this is positive for your local SEO as this will indicate to the search engine that your website is a genuine and reliable organisation.  This will motivate your local audience to contact the business. 

Schema Markup

Schema is a result cooperation between all search engines. Schema is another supportive tool that will boost your appearance in results. Making an addition of schema markup to your HTML will enhance how your page is displayed in SERPs.

Schema markup encourages your website to rank better for all the different type of content.

Backlinks in Support to Local SEO

Backlinks is more of the vital important ranking strategy that will come in support for you Local SEO. When backlinks are integrated in high authority websites this will along side boost your local SEO ranking as well. This way it will also indicate to search engines of your website being trusted and genuine. These links can be done via varies sources such as local newspaper, business society and bloggers.

Supermanseo can deliver a valuable local SEO scheme according to your business to help you boost your publicity across search results. To avail our local SEO services, please go to the contact us page and send us the enquiry.