Knowing the needs of your customers is the goal of any marketing strategy, but it is not enough to guarantee success. The real challenge when it comes to understanding the importance of analyzing the competition to create a company is in satisfying the needs of your customers better than your competitors and then SEO Competitor Analysis Services play an important role.

One of the first tasks when starting a new business is the analysis of your competitors. It is also one of the most important tasks in your entire business adventure that allows you to know the environment in which your company will live. 


At present, competition is an element of great value for a company since it is a reliable reference to look at when preparing your business project. 

We say reliable because one of the objectives of analyzing the competition is to look at what they do because they have been in the market longer and have more experience in the way of working in it. 

One of the reasons why it is useful to analyze the competition is because it will allow you to save essential time and money in the future development of your business.

In addition, conducting a competitor analysis is a good idea since it allows you to know in what situation are the companies that have been in the market the longest, how they have gotten there, what obstacles have been encountered, and what opportunities for success they have had in its trajectory as a company. 

Not only does it help you to know what the competition is doing but it will also help you to know what is a good idea to do in your business and what is not. Competitor analysis begins by seeking answers to the following questions:

– Who are our competitors? And our potential competitors?

– What are the positions of the competitors already established in the market?

– What are your thrusts and your strategic goals?

– What are your short-term and long-term strategies?

– What are your weaknesses and strengths?

The main objective of a competitor analysis is to be able to predict market responses and changes in competitor strategies. Planning an action script and compensatory response strategies could minimize risk and help with the implementation of your own strategies and plans. 

Lack of understanding of competitors will lead to costly marketing mistakes and could have damaging financial implications for the business.

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First of all, it is important to identify your competition. There are two kinds:

– Direct competitors: are those who have the same product/business like yours and compete for the same market.

– Indirect competitors: are those who have a product/service similar to yours, competing for customers with the same consumer profile as you.

We pay attention to those who have marketing strategies similar to yours. This action can even serve as a thermometer, checking if it really is an effective strategy or not.

Step 1: Market research:

To begin your market and competitor analysis, we listen to the views of exempt consumers. Then we find out if they consume the service of your main competitors, how often and if they like it.

Step 2: Follow Social Media:

It is extremely important to analyze the competition from their websites, in addition to the social media they use to advertise or interact with customers. We see how they are communicated, what language is used, the information disclosed and the commitment reached.

Step 3: Ratings and Comments:

We analyze what consumers say about your competitors’ products. Look for reviews and ratings on the service page and also on other channels, such as consumer protection sites, forums, and social media.

Step 4: The press:

Keeping up to date with the news that is broadcast about other companies has great relevance for the analysis of the competition. From the positives, which speak of possible new features in the service, to how they behave in an image crisis.

This study helps you analyze whether competitors have media-centric strategies, such as advisers and spokespersons. In addition, it provides daily monitoring of the company and also the development of the service.

Step 5: Advertising:

Analyzing the advertising and what formats are used shows the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. It even helps to observe such qualities and improvements to be made on your own product.

Step 6: Satisfaction survey:

The competition analysis of a company mainly includes listening to customers. Understanding how they view the competing brand can complement the above data, especially when it comes to satisfaction.


For a long time, the competitive analysis was considered an unethical action between companies. Today, however, the practice is not only fully accepted, but it has also become critical to the success of a business.

However, it is essential to know exactly what to analyze and how to do it, otherwise, everything will be a waste of time. 

Our SEO competitor analysis services offers many advantages, such as understanding how your business is positioned in the market. Through this study, it is possible to outline strategies and find better opportunities in your segment.

The objective is to collect data that points to what the competition is doing to stand out in the market. As an example of competitor analysis, you must understand how your competitors act in communication with customers, the way of dissemination, and the channels used to promote their products.

Research shows which actions your competitors choose actually work and will work for your business. It also broadens the vision of which activities may make the most sense to showcase your app.


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